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The Blue Whale Rare Disease Special Foundation

The "Blue Whale Rare Disease Special Foundation" of Shanghai Charity Foundation was established in December 2021. It was established by Zircon Health with donations to Shanghai Charity Foundation. The Blue Whale Rare Disease Special Foundation is established for rare disease patients and their families in China. It adheres to the tenet of support, care, companionship and rescue, and is committed to patient education, patient empowerment, popular science and patient assistance. It provides sustainable assistance and support rare disease families.


Shanghai Charity Foundation is a non-profit association founded in 1994. The main business scope is to raise funds, organize various charitable activities and develop social charities. For the past eleven years, the association has adhered to the tenet of "relying on the society to do charity, doing a good job of charity for the society", and implemented charitable projects of “helping the elderly, helping the young, helping students, and helping the poor".

The Blue Whale Rare Disease Special Foundation was established on December 5, 2021, to carry out various project activities such as rare disease patient education webinar, doctor-patient exchange forums, and single-disease customized solutions, involving disease education, insurance payment, equipment assistance, etc. Services cover the entire course of rare disease patients.

Charity Events

The rare disease online webinar invites top professors and institutions to bring the latest disease knowledge, treatment plans and international first-hand information to rare disease patients and families, so as to help patients manage themselves and increase the awareness of rare diseases.

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